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Passes / Tickets by Mail / Escorts

Trip Passes

The red plastic trip pass card was last issued around 1981. This card is still in effect and a pensioner and spouse would each have their own card with pensioner's PIN inscribed on the card.

If for some reason you require a "replacement card" (i.e. lost or broken) simply call the Help Line (William M. Mercer Ltd.) @ 1-800-361-0739 and the replacement card will be issued to you. If you are planning to travel, keep in mind that these cards are done by an outside supplier and will take from 3 - 5 weeks before you will receive it via Canada Post.

In cases of emergency, the Help Line representatives (William M. Mercer Ltd.) can issue a trip pass for the specific trip in question (these trip passed contain the actual to and from locations), which you in turn can present to the VIA ticket agent to purchase/obtain your tickets.

CN Travel Card - Terms and Conditions

Tickets By Mail

1. Description of this service

Customers who reserve by phone or over the Internet can have their tickets mailed to their home or office for a small service fee of $10 plus tax per mailing, regardless of the delivery method or the number of tickets being mailed. (14Oct04) We mail tickets anywhere in Canada and continental U.S. This service is free under certain circumstances listed below.

This service can be offered to all customers with the following exceptions:

We can also mail Travel Passes (Canrailpass, Corridorpass, 6 Pak & North America), in which cases at least 1 itinerary must be reserved. The Commuter pass cannot be ordered by VIA agents to be mailed as there is no PNR to support this process, however it can be ordered through out Internet site at the address

Anyone wishing further information concerning travel cards / passes can call the MERCER Pensions and Benefits Administration hotline at 1-800-361-0739.

Need a Trip Pass Replacement?

The trip pass that you may have is dated 1979 with an expiration date of 1981. Originally CN had planned to issue "new" trip passes every two years; however, when it was determined what the cost would be to do so, they had a change of mind.

Your trip pass (and your spouse would have one as well) is still valid for transportation purposes.

In the event that you may require a "replacement" trip pass (for those that qualify) you can call the Help-Line (Mercer) @ 1-800-361-0739.


A) Justification required to travel with a free escort

To take advantage of the free escort privilege, the person with the disabilities must present, for each trip, a valid card from a recognized association or institution for persons with disabilities or present a recent letter (max. 9 months), signed by a physician and stating that the person cannot tend to this/these personal needs:

Assistance with:

In the case of "Permanent" disability, we can accept the same doctor's note stating that the condition is permanent (no need to renew it every nine (9) months), as long as it indicates that the individual meets one of our 3 requirements for an escort – help with feeding, administering medications or assistance in the washroom.

B) Responsibilities of the escort

The escort must be able to assist the person with the disabilities and look after all the necessary arrangements and tend to the personal needs and well-being of the person with disabilities through the entire trip.

In the case of a person using a wheelchair, at stations without a mechanical lift of level platform, the escort must also be able to assist in entering and detraining at such station. See Train access to customers in wheelchairs for more details.

C) Service Animals

In additional to a human escort, a person with disabilities may also be accompanied by a service animal (seeing eye dog, etc.) certified to have been trained by a professional instructor for increasing the autonomy of the person with disabilities. A passenger may be accompanied by both an escort and a service animal without any additional expense. They are the only animals admitted in the car. All the other animals must travel in the luggage car.

CN Travel Card - Terms and Conditions

Following are the terms and conditions which are listed on the back of the travel card:

CN Travel Card - Terms and Conditions of Use Canadian National Railway Company: This card is non-transferable, revocable at any time void if altered or used by other than the holder. The holder and the user of any tickets issued hereunder assumes all risk of death, injury loss or damage to their person or property, whether due to negligence or otherwise and neither the holder, the user of any tickets issued hereunder, nor any other person whosoever shall have any right or claim against Canadian National Railway Company, VIA Rail Canada lnc. or any company or railway on whose trains any tickets issued hereunder may be honored, their servants, agents or employees or any company or railway on whose lines trains of VIA Rail Canada lnc. may be operated, its servants, agents or employees, in respect of, or in any way, arising out of any such death, injury loss or damage. The holder shall only use this card in accordance with the law and the rules and regulations of Via Rail Canada Inc. and/or any company or railway on whose lines' trains of Via Rail Canada lnc. may be operated. The holder shall not permit the use of this card by any other person and shall only use it to obtain the issuance of tickets for use by the holder and such dependants as may be allowed by such rules and regulations.

These conditions shall be deemed to be incorporated on all tickets issued hereunder and all such tickets shall be subject to these conditions.

The holder hereby declares that each of the persons designated herein is entitled by law to receive free transportation.

Furthermore, the travel card policy states the following:

A CN travel card allows the holder to travel on VIA Rail trains (except Sudbury, ON -White River, ON and Victoria, BC - Courtenay, BC), DRL Roadcruisers (except Acadian Bus Lines), and some Marine Atlantic vessels. CN absorbs the cost of basic accommodation. Any upgrade to the basic accommodation is at the expense of the card holder.

Eligible employees and pensioners hired prior to March 14, 1979, their spouses, and their eligible dependents should use the travel card for personal travel only. Any holder of a travel card who is found to be commuting will lose the privileges associated with the travel card.

The definition of "commuting" is: a trip that is not used for pleasure and where the trip is used to earn or generate income through employment, business travel or the actual act of traveling for the purposes of compensation.

One travel card is issued to the employee or pensioner and one to the spouse. Red cards issued prior to March 26, 2002, with the abbreviation "& DEP S / P A CH" also allow the cardholder to acquire tickets for eligible dependent children only. Travel cards issued from March 26, 2002, cover only the employee/pensioner, spouse or child/student in whose name the card is issued.

An eligible dependent of an employee/pensioner or spouse with a travel card must have their own child's travel card (under age 21) or student's travel card (age 21 to 25 inclusive in full-time attendance at school, school letter required each school year) in order to travel.

CN suggests employees or pensioners with red cards with dependent children, who have family names other than the name on the travel card, provide these children with a hand-written letter stating the child's name, that they are dependent and the reason that the family name is different. The handwriting and signature on the letter should match the signature on the back of the card.

Eligible employees, pensioners and surviving spouses apply for the replacement of damaged or lost cards or Spousal, Child or Student cards by completing and signing the "CN Travel Card Application" form. This form is included at the end of the "Eligible CN Travel Card Holders" section. Pensioners can also obtain these forms by calling the CN Pensioners Toll-free Line at 1-800-361-0739."