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Life Insurance-The Railway Employees' Welfare Assoc (REWA)

The Railway Employees' Welfare Association (REWA) was formed by employees of the Newfoundland Railway in 1927. The Newfoundland Railway became part of Canadian National Railways in 19,19 and some employees of C.N.R. joined the REWA, attracted by its Life Insurance and Benefit Plans.

The Railway in Newfoundland was abandoned in 1992 and the REWA was dissolved, but before dissolution it finalized negotiations with a major life insurance underwriter, which converted the life insurance policies being held by members of the REWA into paid up policies.

As of today, there are over 600 policies still in effect and it appears some policy holders have died but no claims for benefits have been made. These benefits range from $500.00 to $4,000.00 in value.

The CN Pensioners' Association, Newfoundland Division, is attempting to reach beneficiaries of those who are deceased and policy holders who are still living to ensure:

1.       Beneficiaries of the deceased receive the insured person's benefits.

2.       Holders of a policy, who are still living, are aware of the existence of the policy.

All employees who were eligible for the REWA insurance benefits in 1992 ( time of dissolution) were issued a single sheet form with the heading reading -

The Mutual Life Insurance Company of Canada Paid-Up Life Insurance Certificate,

which carried the insured person's name and stated the benefit applicable. We believe that over the years this form may have been lost or misplaced and, may not have been found by the beneficiary at the time of the insured person's death. In the case of those who are still alive, the form may have been misplaced or forgotten.

The CN Pensioners' Association, Newfoundland Division, has a Master List of Insured Persons and will help either a beneficiary make a claim or a policy holder confirm their coverage.

If you are unable to find the Insurance Form, help may he available to you by contacting the Newfoundland CN Pensioners' Association at:

CN Pensioners' Association
Newfoundland Division
11 Massey Crescent
Mount Pearl, NL
A1N 2H1

Or by e-mail at:




Formerly Clarica Insurance Company
Formerly Mutual Life


To make a claim, please call the number listed below but take option 4 at the phone prompt.

If you wish to speak to a contact person, please contact the person listed below.

Genevieve DelislePhone: 1-514-866-6411 Ext. 5422
 Toll Free: 1-800-361-2128 Ext. 5422
If you have the claim 
 A beneficiary should forward their policy to:
  Sun Life Assurance Company
Life Claims Services
P. O. Box 6075 Station CV
Montreal, Que.
H3C 3G1

The Beneficiary to show Policy #83091 and the owner's Social Security Number

In the event that the widow or Beneficiary is not aware that a policy exists, a letter of inquiry should be sent to the under-noted address showing owner's Social Security Number and Policy #83091.

  Sun Life Assurance Company
Life Claims Services
P. O. Box 6075 Station CV
Montreal, Que.
H3C 3G1

Note: The Beneficiary of the insured person is stated in the person's application. The Beneficiary designation may be changed, if permitted by law. The insured person must notify Sun Life Assurance in writing of the change. If no beneficiary has been appointed or if the Beneficiary has predeceased the insured person, payment will be made to the insured person's estate.

Updated May 24, 2010


Wayne Greenland
National Director
CN Pensioners Association
National Council