CN Pensioners Associations, Inc.

Instructions for Survivors Upon Death of a Member

  1. CN Pensioner

     Notify Pension Department (Morneau Shepell) - Telephone toll free 1-800-361-0739

        VIA Pensioner

               Telephone toll free 1-800-799-9934 (VIA Rail) and ask for Pension Administration                     

        Marine Atlantic Pensioner

               Telephone toll free 1-800-561-7660 (Marine Atlantic-North Sydney) and ask for "Pension Administration"

                For CN/CP Pensions and benefits conact ALLSTREAM Canada Corp. - Tel: 1-800-276-7630

                ALLSTREAM Canada Corp.
                16th Floor
                200 Wellington Street West
                Toronto, ON M5V 3G2


    • PIN of deceased pensioner;
    • surname and given name of the deceased and the date of death;
    • full name and address of surviving spouse (if any);
    • whether or not the deceased was a member of the CN Blue Cross Plan;
    • name and address of the person handling the estate (executor);
    • If in doubt, enquire as to the benefits and entitlements of a survivor, i.e. expected pension, life insurance, health care benefits, etc.

    Mail as soon as possible to:

        Morneau Shepell, PO Box 8111, Montreal, QC  H3C 3N3

    • death certificate issued by a Medical Authority or Funeral Director, or
    • newspaper clipping of Obituary Notice identifying the deceased and the exact date of death;
    • uncashed pension cheque (if any);
    • deceased's Travel Card (Pass) if any;
    • address to which future survivor pension cheques are to be mailed or in the case of direct electronic deposits, confirm bank and bank address with account number in which deposits are to be made;

    VIA Rail Pensioners:

    • procedures are essentially the same but confirm requirements when initial telephone contact is made.
  2.   Notify Government Pensions Agency

    Notify Human Resources Development - Canada Income Security Programs (Canada & Old Age Pensions):  Telephone (toll free) 1-800-277-9914 and ask for Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security Departments and provide :

    • name and address of deceased (for both Old Age Security and Canada Pension Plan);
    • social insurance number of deceased (also for both agencies);
    • any other information requested pertaining to uncashed cheques, etc.

    NOTE: Make enquiries about pensions for survivors and dependents, if any, and other death benefits that may be available such as financial assistance for funeral expenses.

  3. Notify Blue Cross

    Provide the name and address of deceased.  Provide his/her identification number which appears on Blue Cross card.  Request a new card for the survivor and dependents, if any.

  4. Notify Insurance Agencies

    • Notify all Life, Fire, Home, Car and other insurance companies with whom the deceased had a policy.
    • Also notify all banks and financial institutions where the deceased held accounts.
    • Provide the name and address of the deceased, policy or account number and be governed by instructions give by them concerning benefits, rights, entitlements and privileges due the survivor.
    • A death certificate may be required before any funds can be released. 
    • If the decease was a member of a union and had an insurance policy with that union, notify the local representative and determine  the requirements for claiming death benefits.
  5. Notify the Executor named in the Will

    • Secure a copy of the will and other pertinent documents and have them readily available for the Executor.

    While initial information may be provided to the agencies listed above by telephone, it is recommended that where possible, it be given in person.  Where file copies are not available, photocopies of all documents released to any agency should be made and retained and when mailed, they should be sent by registered letter.