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Canadian National Pensioners' Association

Welcome to the National Website of the CN Pensioners Association. This website is intended to provide service and support to our CN Pensioner population.

If you have been retired for a while, you may already be familiar with this site. If you are just newly retired, we want to extend congratulations and a warm welcome to you. Or perhaps you are in the process of preparing for retirement from CN and want to check us out. Whatever your reason for visiting our website, Welcome!

Your retirement follows years of dedicated service, hard work and family sacrifices. Now, it is time to transition and enjoy a well-deserved rest, time with family and friends and many years of health and well-being.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the CN Pensioners' Association (CNPA) is to represent the needs of all retired CN employees. Our objective is to protect your interests, financial and otherwise, regarding your pension, your benefits and support and enhance your social interests and activities.

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Who We Are

The CN Pensioners' Association (CNPA) was established over 40 years ago with the above purpose in mind. We have evolved over the years changing with the times. As a group, we are active in the communities we live in. We proactively advocate Governments on Seniors' issues. We are an equal partner (along with the unions and CN) on the CN Pension Committee, ensuring our pensions are funded and improved over time. When sufficient funds are available we propose to the CN Board of Directors, for its consideration, pension improvements for our pensioners and also recommend modifications to the Pension Plan rules to the CN Board of Directors for review and approval. We have an important role in monitoring and communicating matters relating to the funding of our pensions and other pension matters.

With over 31,000 pensioners across the country, the CNPA wants to ensure you stay connected, have access to a wide variety of benefits, and have a place to connect with your former colleagues and to meet new friends. All this is managed by dedicated volunteers from every corner of the country. Despite popular belief, we are not just a group of old fogies who sit around playing pinochle. Our CNPA Members are involved and active in the communities they live in, in volunteer efforts, recreation and leisure activities. We work with external partners to provide a variety of benefits, including insurance and travel discounts.

While CN Pensions & Benefits Admin (1-800-361-0739) is the primary contact for your specific defined benefit Pension Plan issues, you or your spouse can also ask your CNPA contacts about various pension provisions, your benefits, changes, etc. We will point you in the right direction for answers on pension, health care related concerns, insurance and other issues affecting your retirement. We are just a call or email away for help.

About Our Organization

We have National, Regional and Local level organizations, all run by volunteer pensioners. Somewhere near you there is one of our 41 local councils where you can connect with other pensioners. Just visit our website to connect and get involved. Questions or concerns can be directed to an Executive member at any level. To learn more about our organizational levels and location of the 41 councils, please click here.

Membership Matters

Although we advocate on behalf of all CN Pensioners and surviving spouses as volunteers, operating expenses are a reality. If you are not already a contributing member, by becoming a contributing member for only $1.00 a month, you can help defray such expenses. As well, your $1 per month will entitle you to several other membership benefits and as information, approximately $.83 of your $1 per month is returned to your local council of choice for their use. It is easy to become a member - just click here to sign up or email us at For more information about Membership and Benefits, click here.

What We Do

So what sorts of programs & benefits does the CNPA manage or provide to you?

Members are invited to attend various events coordinated by the local councils across the country. Most hold regular meetings where guest speakers are invited to speak on current or special issues affecting seniors. Some hold BBQ's or picnics, others sporting events, dinners, or group travel adventures. By being a Member, you can attend what you want, when you want. Our National Newsletter and Local communications with Members keeps you up to date on what is happening, like family days, special events, or changes to legislations, policies or programs. Some local associations / councils issue their own newsletter and also have their own website and facebook page.