CN Pensioners Associations, Inc.

Executive Contact:


President Graham Hill Tel: (709) 728-3669
  22 L'Anse Aux Meadows Cres
  St. John's, NL A1E 5Z7
Vice President Anne Peddle Tel: (709) 726-4606
  12 Warren Place
  St. John's, NL A1A 2A1
Treasurer William J. Penney Tel: (709) 722-1298
  14 Borden Street
  St. John's, NL A1A 2L1
National Council Rep Wayne Greenland Tel: (709) 368-6419
  11 Massey Crescent
  Mount Pearl, NL A1N 2H1
Secretary Wayne Greenland
Past President Wayne Greenland Tel: (709) 368-6419
  11 Massey Cres
  Mount Pearl, NL A1N 2H1
Alt National Director Graham Hill
Director June Churchill King
jDirector Bill Penny 
Director Harold Piercey
Director Vicl Wiseman
Director Charlie Chaytor
Director Bob Grouchy
Director Wayne Greenland
Director Graham Hill
Auditor Art King Tel: (709) 726-9030

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Newfoundland CN Pensioners Association

1. Background : Construction of the Newfoundland Railway began in 1881 but it was not until 1898 that the first train ran across the island from St. John's on the east coast to Port-aux-Basques. the west coast terminus where a ship connected with the train to take passengers across the Cabot Strait to North Sydney, Nova Scotia connecting with the Canadian railway system. The Newfoundland Railway became part of the Canadian National rail system in 1949 when Newfoundland joined the Canadian confederation,. ln 1988 the federal government decided that the Newfoundland Railway operation would be discontinued.

2. The Association : The decision by the federal government to close the Newfoundland Railway operation had an enormous impact on the lives of hundreds of railway workers, suddenly without jobs, and in danger, also, of losing the social network that the railway, their common employer represented.. A meeting in St. John's on January 11, 1989 attended by 18 retired railway men explored possible solutions. At a subsequent meeting on January 25, 1989, which was attended by over 100, it was the unanimous opinion that an association should be formed for the benefit of these railway workers. Advice and assistance was offered and freely given by Hughie Reardon of the Moncton Council of the CN Pensioners Association. At a largely attended meeting on February 23, 1989, it was decided to organize a retired railway workers association in Newfoundland, an application would be made to join the CN Pensioners National Association and an executive was elected to guide the formation of the new Association. The first executive elected consisted of: F .M. Kennedy, President; F.C Chancey, Vice- president; G.C. Puddester, Treasurer: C.], Tuck, Secretary.

The Association holds regular monthly meetings, keeps members informed about pensions and related matters, and organizes recreational and social activities such as bus tours, dinners and dances, receptions, card games etc. There is a women's division, known as the Spike Ladies, which is composed of retired female railroad workers and the spouses of railway workers who also assist in all these recreational and social activities. Presidents of the Newfoundland CN Pensioners Association since 1988 have been:

F. Kennedy		1989 - 1990
F. Chancey		1990 - 1992
C. Tuck	 		1993
T. Wickham		1994 - 1995
K. MacDonald	1996 - 1997
J. Maddigan		1998
L. Hickey		1999 - 2000
C. Tuck			2001
W. Barron		2002 - 2003
G. Hill			2004 - 2005
W. Penney		2006 - 2007

The first two organizing meetings were held in the board room in the railway station in St. John's. However this space proved too small for the number of people at the second meeting and for the next two years meetings was held in the Lecture Hall of the Wesley United Church on Patrick Street space, which the Church provided to us, free of charge. In March l99l meetings moved to a building, formerly a section shed, acquired by the association from CN which was renovated to our use by our members. This location was used for the next 12 years until February 2003 when we moved into newly refurbished club rooms on the second floor of the St. John's Railway Station in a deal with the St. John's City Council. This is the present location which is still being used for association meetings and activities

St. John's, Newfoundland
January 29, 2007