CN Pensioners Associations, Inc.


Our CN Pensioners Association Scholarship Committee has now completed the fifth year of your scholarship program awards. The awards are in the amount of $1,500 each to children, grandchildren and great-grand children of "contributing" members of the CNPA. Since our first offering in 2013-2014 was so successful, the National Directors voted to increase our scholarships progressively from 10 awards, to 20 awards. In 2015 there were 25 awards of $1,000 each. In 2016, we gave out 25 awards of $1,500 each. The number of CNPA awards and amounts given remained the same in 2017 as in 2016.

In addition to the CNPA National Council awards, Moncton Council has opted to fund 2 additional scholarships for grand children and great-grand children of sponsors who are contributing members of Moncton Council No. 1. A similar Bursary (The Harvey Hosfield Bursary) was funded by Manitoba council in the amount of 2 awards of $1,000. In addition the Manitoba Council was pleased to introduce the first ever Trade Bursary this year in the amount of $500.

Also, for the first time this year, the Ontario Provincial council is awarding an additional scholarship of $1500 to an applicant sponsored from Ontario. These local awards are apart from the National awards and are administered by the local council which is providing the funding. Information on all these awards as well as names of past winners and their sponsors are available on our web site at any time.

In total, your association is awarding over $44,000 in 2017, which is benefiting our pensioners' family community.

Our 2017 CN Pensioners Scholarship awards are now complete and the funds have been distributed to the winners. The most difficult job was selecting the better candidates among the very strong applications received.

This year there was a total of 198 applications received of which 13 were rejected, most because the sponsors were not "contributing" (paid up members of our association).Dues, are $1.00 per month, as you know and can easily be arranged by Payroll Deduction by contacting any executive member of your local council or region. That contact information is on the last page of this newsletter. A small number were rejected because of missing records or below required marks.

Again, All information on our scholarship awards and how to apply is contained and easily found on our web site: If your grandchild is interested in applying next year, they should read the instructions posted there well in advance of the scheduled program opening date for acceptance of submissions of April 15th 2018.

Applications received in 2017

Applications by Region:

Atlantic 	40	of which 1 rejection
Quebec		23	of which 3 rejections
Ontario		36	of which 3 rejections
Prairie		52	of which 3 rejections
Mountain 	47	of which 3 rejections

Total		198	of which 13 rejection

Scholarship recipients in the same Regional order:

Region Student Sponsor
Atlantic Jonah Moore Audry Moore
  Robyn McLean Joan Hachey
  Jenna Chisholm Mabel Chisholm
  Susan O’Brien Thomas O’Brien
  Amy Dodge Ralph Skanes
Moncton Council Awards Taryn Bleakney Edith Dryden
  Brittney Dupuis Michael McFadden
Quebec Alexandre Bergeron Raymond Drapeau
  Simon Fortier-St.Pierre Gisele Fortier
  Anouk Brisebois Rita Giroux
  Sarah Bergeron Yves G. Bourdon
  Jérôme Simard-Leboeuf Gérard Leboeuf
Ontario Alicia Mairin Kupinski Jozefa Kupinski
  Nolan Chafe Kevin Chafe
  Keegan MacVoy Norman Davies
  Eleanor Katherine McDevitt Berniece McDevitt
  Takeshi Fukushima Laura Hamilton
Ontario Provincial Award Lauren Zung Grace Zung
Prairie Jennifer Leslie Doris Lewy
  Jennifer Kent Evelyn Kent
  Tyler Szun Gloria Szun
  Ashley Jade Heilmann Irene Heilmann
  Sarah Stelmack Pearl Stelmack
Harvey Hosfield Bursary Award Jennifer Leslie Doris Lewy
  Rachel Treffner Kathleen Kelly
Manitoba Trade Bursary Award Andrew Brunton Bruce Brunton
Mountain Aaron Leonard Helen Leonard
  Sondra L Eger Brent Eger
  Ryan Kelm Rubin Kelm
  Vanessa Leigh Miller Paul Charles Miller
  Lindsey Brise Robert Brise

The Scholarship Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank CN Pensioners/survivors and their children/grand-children/great-grand children for their interest in this project.

We thank all those applicants who took the time and effort to prepare their professional submissions.

In particular, the students all deserve hearty congratulations for all the volunteer work they perform in their Communities.

The success of this project will be discussed thoroughly at our Annual Director's Meeting in Montreal this coming November with the possibility of offering it once again for the 2018-2019 scholastic year. Win or lose, we wish you all success in your future educational endeavours.

If you were not successful this year please do not hesitate to apply again at a future date if you still meet the required criteria.

Thank you also goes out to the Scholarship Committee Members who performed the difficult task of evaluating the applications and ensuring that their decisions conformed to our strictest, non-prejudiced evaluating methods. Members as follows:

Region Committee Member  
Atlantic Reg Hebert Chairman
  Myron Matheson  
  Wanda Garland  
  Helen Bernard  
  Elaine Ward  
Quebec Yves Bourdon Chairman
  Louis-Francois Garceau  
  Réjean Leprohon  
  Denis Cousineau  
Ontario Roger McDevitt Chairman
  Mike Englehart  
  Maureen Smyth  
  David Simpson  
  Joan Elliot  
Prairie Janet Lewis Anderson Chairman
  Connie Crichton  
  Bruce Anderson  
  Gary Heasman  
  Jack Moore  
Mountain Blake Olson Chairman
  Al Vodden  
  Gordon Wheatley  
  Ted Haupt  

We also want to show appreciation to National Director Wayne Greenland who received all the applications, screened them and distributed them to the appropriate Regional Committee Members. Also to National Treasurer Bruce Peacock who ensured that each sponsor was a qualified contributing member of our association and issued the cheques to the successful applicants.

If you are counting, that is 23 pensioners volunteering their time to make this program a success, with a total National award amount of $37,500 benefiting the contributing members of the CN Pensioners association. This is in addition to $7000 funded by the local councils for a Total $44,500.

Again this year, we will be sending out a survey questionnaire to all applicants in order to get feed back and improve our processes.

It should be noted that this year was the first time we managed all applications electronically. No one had to mail in forms or documents. This did create some minor difficulties, however our instructions for next years’ program will be changed to correct the difficulties some people may have experienced.

Respectfully submitted,
Reginald Hebert, Scholarship Committee Chair