CN Pensioners Associations, Inc.


Our 2016 CN Pensioners Scholarship awards are now complete and the funds have been distributed to the winners. There were 25 awards of $1500 each this year.

The most difficult job was selecting the better candidates among the very strong applications which were received.

There was a total of 148 applications received of which 12 were rejected account the sponsors were not paid up members of our association, or they were sent in after the published deadline.

Applications received in 2016

Applications by Region:

Total Applications: 148 (12 rejections)

Scholarship recipients in the same Regional order:

Region Student Sponsor
Atlantic Isaac McMullin Wilfred Griffin
  Milo Hicks Gregory Murphy
  Courtney Rossiter Carol Lauder
  Noah Newlands Donna Newlands
  Michal Long Arlo Fisher
Quebec Mariah Baker Gerard Jenssen
  Molly Lan Jing Riccardi Emanuel Riccardi
  Camille Roy-Laird Rita Beauséjour
  Patricia Petit Liang Nicole Petit
  Jamie Morin Marielle Gagné
Ontario Alexander Jones Ethel Pfander
  Daynen Murphy Garry Murphy
  Chloe Robinson Joy Treadwell
  Anna Schaefer Wallace Schaefer
  Andrew Horne Glenn Webster
Prairie Paige Goodman Norman Boake
  Madison McNevitts Edward Woodward
  Megan Dawn Johnston Marjorie Johnston
  Ashton Taylor Reimer John Perkau
  Danica Cuddeford Arthur Cuddeford
Mountain Maria Antonia Cavaco Jose Cavaco
  Caralyn Emma Ludwig Gunter Bruckman
  Alexander Dawson Kubish Norman Kubish
  Sarah Noelle Willette Joanne Willette
  Jordan Neuls Ken Neuls

We thank all those who took the time and effort to prepare their professional submissions.

The Scholarship Committee