CN Pensioners Associations, Inc.


The CN Pensioners Association announced in the spring issue of CN Pensioners News that we would be again offering scholarships in the amount of $1,000 to children and grand-children of "contributing" members of the CNPA. Since our first offering in 2013-2014 was so successful, the National Directors voted to increase our scholarships this year from 2 per Region to 4 per Region, a total of 20 scholarships @ $1,000 each.

Our 2014 CN Pensioners Scholarship awards are now complete and the funds have been distributed to the winners. The most difficult job was selecting the better candidates among the very strong applications which were received.

There was a total of 113 applications received of which 11 were rejected because the sponsors were not "contributing" (paid up members of our association), or they were received after the published deadline.

Applications by Region:

Total Applications: 113

Scholarship recipients in the same Regional order:

Region Student Sponsor
Atlantic Renée Belliveau Paul Belliveau
  Alanna Veniot Greg Murphy
  Rebecca Tingley Herbert Nelson
  Andrew Robart Roger Robart
Quebec Victoria Lalonde Richard Dicker
  Nicolas Bergeron Raymond Drapeau
  Alexandra Forget William Culhane
  Karine Leclerc Denis Leclerc
Ontario Laura Bingeman Dan Bingeman
  Tony Palumbo Salvadore Curreri
  Camille Peplinski Sylvester Peplinski
  Gregory Palumbo Salvadore Curreri
Prairie Kara Lipski Bryan Lipski
  Kaitlyn Reimer John Petkau
  Andrew Juvonen Kal Juvonen
  Jenna Coutts Adrian Versluis
Mountain Breanne McAmmond Pauline McAmmond
  Lauren MacDonald Charles MacDonald
  Alanna MacDonald Charles MacDonald
  Brooke MacDonald Charles MacDonald

The Scholarship Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank CN Pensioners/survivors and their children/grand-children for their interest in this project. We thank all those applicants who took the time and effort to prepare their professional submissions.

The success of this year's project will be discussed thoroughly at our Annual General Meeting in Montreal this coming November with the possibility of offering it once again for the 2015-2016 scholastic year. Win or lose, we wish you all success in your future educational endeavours. If you were not successful this year please do not hesitate to apply again at a future date.

Thank you also going out to the Scholarship Committee Members who performed the tedious task of evaluating the applications and ensuring that their decisions conformed to the strictest, non-prejudiced evaluating methods as follows:

Region Committee Member
Atlantic: Reg Hebert
  Myron Matheson
  Edward Saulnier
  Gerald Dawson
  Peter Belanger
Quebec: Yves Bourdon
  Claudette Hudon
  Louis-François Garceau
Ontario: Roger McDevitt
  Mike Englehart
  Phil Grundie
  Maureen Smyth
  David Simpson
Prairie: Janet Lewis-Anderson
  Connie Chrichton
  Gary Heasman
Mountain:Sig Poeppel
  Al Vodden
  Gordon Wheatley
  Ted Haupt
  Blake Olson

We also want to show appreciation to National Director Wayne Greenland who received all the applications, screened them and distributed them to the appropriate Regional Committee Members. Also to National Treasurer Bruce Peacock who ensured that each sponsor was a qualified contributing member of our association and issued the cheques to the successful applicants.

Respectfully submitted,
Reginald Hebert, Scholarship Committee Chair