CN Pensioners Associations, Inc.

September 16,2013

CN Pensioners Association Scholarship Program 2013 Results

I take pleasure in writing this note at the completion of the process to select the winners of our first scholarship award program. This scholarship program is a great step forward in giving back value to the supporting members of our association through your Grand Children's continuing post secondary education and help in reaching their life goals.

As a result of the publicity given to our scholarship program in various newsletters, at local and regional CN pensioners meetings and also being well documented on our WEB Site at,we have generated enough interest in our ranks to prompt 160 students across Canada to submit applications.

The applicants were divided into regions based on the location and local council to which the supporting pensioner was associated.

A selection committee was formed on each region and all regions worked from the same selection criteria to determine the successful candidate in their group. All applicants were contacted after the selection process and notified if they were successful or not. Checks for $1,000 each were then sent out to the winners.

This being the first year, we gave out 10 scholarships of $1,000 each. The National Council of CNPA funded the program.

All aspects of the 2013 scholarship program will be discussed at our AGM in November in order to improve the program next year. It was noted that there was some difficulty in getting people to participate on the selection committees on each region.

Here are some statistics and a list of the successful applicants:

Some statistics: Applications submitted: 160. Broken down as follows by Region:

Total Applications: 160

There were 10 winners

CN Pensioners Scholarship program 2013 winners.

ID# Student Home Pensioner
A-44 Keillor Steeves Moncton Marjorie Wells (Parker Wells)
A-32 Melissa O'Brien Corner Brook Thomas O'Brien
Q-13 Chloé Marceau-Gosselin Montreal Reynald Gosselin
Q-24 Kathleen Claire Meszaros Ottawa Robert Devey (Grnfld Pk)
ON-12 Zachary Adams Pickering Joseph Adams
ON-24 Mathew McLeod Arva Klemens Libal
P-14 Alex Scott Regina Hermina Konstantowicz
P-22 Taylor Bird Winnipeg Ken Cox
M-1 Robert McClure Alberta Beach John McGinley
M-5 Willow Frissell Wainwright Edward Frissell

11 applications were rejected account sponsoring Grand Parent was not a member of the CNPA.

Your regional selection committees were :

Atlantic: Reg Hebert
  Myron Matheson
  Paul Eustace
  Ken Edwards
Quebec: Yves Bourdon
  Claudette Hudon
  Louis-François Garceau
Ontario: Roger McDevitt
  Mike Englehart
  Phil Grundie
Prairie: Janet Lewis-Anderson
  Ralph Baker
  Gary Heasman
  Gerry Tuck
  Carson Hull
Mountain:Sig Poeppel
  Gordon Wheatley
  Ed Boyachuk
  Al Vodden
  Ted Haupt

Application management and distribution: Wayne Greenland National council Secretary.

Supporting Grand Parent Verification of membership in CN Pensioners association: Bruce Peacock.

Many people worked very hard to make this program a success and we feel it is in fact that. The selection committees had a very daunting task since the students submitted very strong applications. Clearly many grandchildren of pensioners have a clear goal of what they want from their lives and are actively working to achieve it. Thanks to all the applicants for the effort they put into the preparation of their submissions.