Associations de retraités du CN, Inc.

The Last Generation (2020) is a film about the St. John's Branch of the CN Pensioners' Association. It tells the story of what it was like to work in CN's varied transportation and communication services, which comprised telegraphy, rail, marine, trucking and buses. The narrators also describe what it felt like when CN closed down in Newfoundland and Labrador and the role the pensioners' association has played since. This "last generation" supports ongoing connections among former CN workers and their spouses and upholds the memory of this important part of the province's history. Featuring (in order of appearance): June Churchill King, Arthur King, David Boland, Victor Wiseman, Wayne Greenland, Captain Joe Prim, Graham Norman, Graham Hill, Harold Piercey, Gilbert Oakley, Stephen Best, William Penney. With a special appearance by J.P. Coady. Director: Sharon Roseman. Producers and Editors: Sharon Roseman and Lesley Butler. Associate Producer: Derek Norman. Camera and Sound Recording: Derek Norman and Lesley Butler. Research: Sharon Roseman and Lesley Butler, as part of the On the Move Partnership. Produced at Memorial University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Film Unit, 2020, with support from SSHRC, InnovateNL and CFI. Copyright 2020 Sharon Roseman & Memorial University.