CN Pensioners Associations, Inc.


The following points were related as a report of discussions held at the National ADM held in Montreal in November 2018.

  1. Our 2018 ADM was held in Montreal, Nov 15 & 16th 2018. Attended by 21 delegates. One absence due to illness and one injury at the airport on the way in to Montreal.
  2. Presidents report covered our new code of conduct for officers, Roberts Rules of order re what is in minutes of meetings. Basically report what was done and not what was said at a meeting. CN 100 events as known, new Newsletter editor, efforts re mandatory membership if in Blue Cross Plan, having spouses as members such that when the pensioner passes, his spouse automatically continues as a member, alternate directors attending ADM each year or not, Financial health of our association.
  3. National Council is on firm financial footing and will again sponsor an enhanced scholarship program this year. The award amount is $1500 per award for 25 awards. It is noteworthy that given the near completion of our recent calling campaign for recruitment, the per capita tax will be reviewed at next years' AGM.
  4. Auditors report noted no exceptions to financial oversight and money management reporting.
  5. Scholarship process, increases, Moncton Council, OPC and Manitoba Harvey Hosfield award increases to coincide with National amounts. Manitoba and Quebec have instituted a Trade Bursary for 2019.
  6. There was a lengthy discussion relative to Membership and recruitment projects, which were not yielding results in spite of a per capita tax adjustment. Action required. There was a very extensive report prepared by Bruce Peacock for an in depth financial discussion, looking into the future options available to us as membership continues to decline. Recruiting of new retirees is crucial to that financial plan.
  7. Expense control and planning discussed at length.
  8. National Health care program report discussed.
  9. Governance changes and inclusion of our National President as a co-chair on the Pension committee discussed and applauded.
  10. We (CNPA) continue to be present and play an active and important role on our company's’s pension committee. This year saw the retirement of Russell Hiscock as CEO of CN investments and the appointment of Marlene Puffer in his vacated position. We all hope she does as well in her new role as Russell did in his. Our pension plan is presently on very solid footing and continues to be very well managed per reports and audits we have seen at committee meetings over the last years.
  11. Federal Government Liaison officers report and correspondence reviewed and discussed. In particular items of law proposed which may affect pension plans in general and or ours in particular.
  12. Agreement with Johnson Insurance again reviewed as well as our new agreement with CN. In particular, method of distribution of funds.
  13. Election of officers, no change in Key positions for us. Some changes out west.
  14. Extensive discussion re per capita tax of $3.00 VS $2.00 and the path that got us there. Motions passed to effectively "punish" financially those local council who do not manage their recruitment programs and keep their members ship current.
  15. Extensive discussion re our web site and possible re-hosting and control. Motions defeated and there will be no changes