CN Pensioners Associations, Inc.


The meeting was called to order by President Yves Bourdon at 0900 hours on 29 September 2016. The opening prayer was followed by a moment of silence in memory of our deceased members.

Following the introduction of those present, the agenda for the meeting was reviewed and accepted. The minutes of the 2015 meeting were adopted after a short discussion.

The President gave his report which covered many topics including his attendance on both the Pension and Health Care committees, renewal of the contract with Morneau Sheppel, preparation of the annual newsletter, continuance of the plaques honoring our members who attain their 100th birthday, and recognition due David Simpson for serving many years as President of the CNPA. He also spoke of the 100th anniversary of CN Rail which will be recognized with special activities across the System commencing in June 2018 until June 2019.

The Treasurer, Bruce Peacock, presented his report with a detailed analysis of all of the financial activities involving our organization. He also provided an excellent summary of our recruitment efforts during the past year and encouraged those present to continue their calling campaigns.

Yves Bourdon gave an overview of the work of the Pension Committee highlighting that our pension plan is in very good shape. He said we currently have approximately 36,500 pensioners and 17,000 active employees and based on the financial results achieved last year, a cost of living increase will again be granted for 2017.

Reg Hebert presented his report on the activities of the Scholarship Committee which awarded a total of 25 scholarships worth $37,500 again this year. He added that the quality of candidates for these scholarships was excellent and that the process established for awarding the scholarships worked very well. A motion to continue this program for 2017 was passed unanimously.

Carson Hull then read his report on the activities of the Health Care Committee. He said that the adjustments we made to the Plan last year have helped in managing costs but we will again have to access our reserve fund in order to limit our average increase in premiums to 2% for next year. He added that less than 1% of our members generate 20% of the annual costs due to very high drug claims.

Blake Olsen presented his report on a revised form that will be used in future for new retirees who, should they choose to join our Health Care Plan, will also have to join the CNPA.

Roger McDevitt then read a resolution received from the Ontario Council calling for the addition of alternate directors for our National Council. Following a discussion, a motion was made to establish 6 positions of Alternate Directors effective 1 January 2017 and it was duly passed.

The resolution received from Moncton Council No. 1 concerning passenger train service between Halifax and Montreal was read by Reg Hebert. It was agreed that James Houston would prepare a letter concerning this matter and would forward it to the appropriate government agencies and to all Members of Parliament.

The next issue dealt with was the possible inclusion into the CNPA of the "Defined Contribution" employees who will be retiring from CN in the near future. It was agreed last year that a working committee would be established to review the Constitution to determine what changes would be required in order to accommodate these retirees.

Roger McDevitt provided a copy of the changes recommended by this committee and they were adopted after some minor revisions. It was also agreed that this committee would be asked to work with our Secretary to review the Constitution and incorporate all changes including those in years past into a revised Constitution.

Jim Houston provided a report on the federal legislation that has been dealt with relative to Senior's through the House of Commons and the Senate since the last Annual Meeting. He also provided copies of letters he has sent to various Ministers dealing with several relative issues over the past year.

The matter of the per capita tax was reviewed and it was agreed to retain the $2.00 retention subject to the local councils demonstrating a positive effort to attract new members. The Treasurer then requested that all per capita tax payments be taken from the June Quarterly rebate payments and a motion was made and passed to this effect.

Lynn Nasralla, a consultant with Johnson Insurance hosted a working lunch wherein she reviewed the results of the past year and responded to a variety of questions raised mainly concerning travel insurance.

Yves Bourdon then reviewed a letter he received from CN concerning a new partnership proposal. The contents of this letter were discussed at great length and it was agreed that Yves would respond to CN in a positive manner committing our organization and its members to assisting CN in various community endeavours where possible.

The election of officers for 2017 was then held and Yves Bourdon was elected President; Reg Hebert as First Vice President; Bruce Peacock as Treasurer; and, Regional Vice Presidents Reg Hebert (Atlantic), Luc Grenier (Quebec), Jim Houston (Ontario), Gary Heasman (Prairie), and Anthony Duhaime (Mountain).

The President then appointed Evan Hickey as Auditor; Wayne Greenland as Executive Secretary; James Houston as Federal Government Liaison Officer; Ron Davis as Executive Advisor and Sandra Barnes as Newsletter Editor.