CN Pensioners Associations, Inc.


President C.S. (Chuck) Lewis Tel: (604) 936-5917
  2030 Orland Dr
  Coquitlam, BC V3J 3J4
Executive Secretary Doreen Cornford Tel: (604) 461-9635
Vice President 1st Judy Pearson Tel: (604) 492-6035
Vice President 2nd Dave McNaughton Tel: (604) 782-1997
Treasurer Dale Jack Tel: (604) 438-4252
Secretary Christel Kuerton Tel: (604) 882-9547
Past President Deceased 
Membership Judy Pearson Tel: (604) 944-2186
Sick & Wellness Colleen Myskiw Tel: (604) 325-9762
Telephone Dave McNaughton Tel: (604) 782-1997
COSCO Alex Hui Tel: (604) 351-2555
Member at Large Blake Olson Tel: (604) 744-5599
Member at Large Don McCrimmon Tel: (604) 936-4697
Member at Large Bill Blair Tel: (604) 521-4438

The Vancouver Chapter of the CN Pensioners Association holds a General Meeting on the third Tuesday of every month except July and August, when we take a summer break, and December, when we hold a Christmas luncheon, at which no business is conducted, but on no set date because of the uncertainty as to when the hall will be available.

The General Meetings are held at St. Mary's Ukrainian Church at 3150 Ash St.north off West 16th; Ash St. is one block west of Cambie. The social aspect of the meeting begins at about 10:00AM when coffee and tea are served; the business portion is from 11:00AM to noon; following the business portion, lunch consisting of sandwiches, soup, condiments and dessert, with more coffee and tea if desired, are served for a price of $5.00 for members and $9.00 for non-members.

The meeting is usually over by 1:30PM. All pensioners and surviving spouses are welcome and we urge you to attend. If you are going to attend please advise one of the following so that the hall and caterer will be prepared and at which time further directions as to how to get to St. Mary's Ukrainian Church will be provided if needed or desired.

Day of week: 3rd Tuesday Sept - June
Location: St. Mary's Ukrainian Church
Address: 3150 Ash St. Vancouver
Start time: 1000 (charge for lunch)

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