CN Pensioners Associations, Inc.


President Myron Wizniak Tel: (250) 376-3251
  136 - 2401 Ord Road
  Kamloops, BC V2B 7V8
1st Vice President Stan Kulchyski Tel: (250) 579-8811
  2535 Sandwood Dr
  Kamloops, BC V2B 6V3
2nd Vice President Danny Nikolic Tel: (250) 376-4929
  1547 Southview Terrace
  Kamloops, BC V2B 7R3
Treasurer Beverley Chicoine Tel: (250) 573-1164
  1453 Todd Rd
  Kamloops, BC V2C 5B6
Membership Chairperson Vacant 
Secretary Josie Jensen Tel: (250) 549-3966
  410-3806 35th Ave
  Vernon, BC V1T 9N6
Director Dennis Jensen Tel: 2505493966
  410-3806 35th Ave
  Vernon, BC V1T 9N6
Director Margaret Golanowski Tel: (250) 376-0835
  899 McGillivray Street
  Kamloops, BC V2B 5R5
National Director Dennis Jensen
Director Hubert Plante Tel: (250) 377-7449
  205-338 Nicola Street
  Kamlkoops, BC V2C 2P5
Director & Web Master J.F. (Jack) Barroso Tel: (250) 579-9459
  2590 Elston Drive
  Kamloops, BC V2B6X3

Day of week: 1st Tuesday Sept - June
Location: Japanese Culture Ctr
Start time: 1200 (charge for lunch)

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Kamloops Heritage Railway

The Kamloops Heritage Railway, CN historical society and the Canadian Northern Society held a last spike re-enactment. A nice touch was having descendants of William Mackenzie and DB Hanna drive the celebratory last spike on the CN Okanagan Spur, which was built by the CNor to connect to the CP in Kamloops BC. Later, a night photo shoot took place at the KHR shop. KHR 2141 is awaiting a boiler certificate, so CN supplied a newer 2141 as a stand in.