CN Pensioners Associations, Inc.



President Dave Bradshaw Tel: (905) 763-8754
  54 Confedferation Way
  Thornhill, ON L3T 5R5
Vice President George Oommen Tel: (905) 827-3370
  2180 Marine Drive, Suite 2004
  Oakville, ON L6L 5V2
Secretary/Treasurer Dave Bradshaw
Membership Chairperson Ron Charles Tel: (905) 884-5470
  467 Balkan Road
  Richmond Hill, ON L4C 2P4
Special Events Chairperson VACANT 
Guest Speaker Chairperson VACANT 
Newsletter Editor Dave Bradshaw
Director Don Logan Tel: 9052785307
  94 Florence Ave FAX: 9052785307
  North York, ON M2N 1G3
Director Gunn Lee Tel: 4165882901
  200 Saint Clarens Avenue FAX: 4165882901
  Toronto, ON M6H 3W3
Director Dave Bradshaw
Director George Oommen
Director Brian Elcombe Tel: 4164276321
  80 Billings Avenue FAX: 4164276321
  Toronto, ON M4L 2S4
Director Ron Charles
OPC Delegate Dave Bradshaw
OPC Delegate (2) George Oommen
Alt OPC Delegate Don Logan

All mail and correspondence to be sent to the President except monthly listings, which are to be mailed to the Membership Chairperson.

Regular meetings for 2019,2020 to be determined.