Associations de retraités du CN, Inc.


Président Roy Lamore Tél: (807) 344 7416
  155 Theresa Street
  Thunder Bay, ON P7A 5P6
Vice-Président Howard Maki Tél: (807) 345-6473
  605-540 Oliver Road
  Thunder Bay, ON P7B 5T8
Secrétaire Gerd Hamilton Tél: (807) 577-9694
  1731 Broadway Ave
  Thunder Bay, ON P7K 1M6
Trésorier Jim Pudas Tél: (807) 767-6508
  292 Fairbank Place
  Thunder Bay, ON P7B 5M2
Holly Diaczuk Tél: (807) 577-2867
  1464 Broadway Ave
  Thunder Bay, ON P7K 1M1
Al Harper Tél: (807) 623-1278
  57 Hill St South
  Thunder Bay, ON P7B 5T8
OPC Delegate Howard Maki
OPC Delegate 2 Lamore Roy

Please send all correspondence to the President, with copies to Secretary Emeritus.

Meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month @ 12:30 pm @ the 55 Plus Center on River Street. There will be a lunch followed by the meeting.

The dismantling of the Neebing roundhouse from start to finish

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