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CN Pension Plan payments


As you are aware,we have been kept well informed of the transition of the administration platform from the current CN IT systems to Morneau Shepell’s pension system (Ariel) effective January 2018. Last week I had a conference call with Darlene Cherry and François Mainguy regarding specifically the approximate 400 pensioners and survivors who are still receiving a paper cheque each month sent by mail instead of direct deposit.

As a result of the above mentioned transition, there will be a change in the timing of the mailing of these approximate 400 cheques to pensioners / survivors who never agreed to have direct deposit and are instead still receiving their monthly pension cheque by mail. These remaining pensioners / survivors, who represent only 1% of the CN pensioner population, were grand-fathered, as this option has not been available to new pensioners/survivors for quite some time now. CN and Morneau Shepell have been and are still trying to convince them to convert to direct deposit. For those within the 400 group who are CNPA contributing members Bruce is also trying to convince them for the same reasons as CN and Morneau Shepell.

Under the new process and Ariel system the cheques will be mailed five business days before the end of the month instead of between 7 and 10 days (date varied each month). While these pensioners / survivors will be receiving their cheque before the end of the month, as Canada Post delivers mail anywhere in Canada within two to four days, in some cases it will be received later than what they were used to. It should be noted that there is no change being made to the actual payment date, as that remains the last business day of each month (the date cheques are negotiable and same date on which payments are deposited into the 99% of CN pensioners’ bank accounts subscribed for direct deposit).

This change will take place beginning with the first pension payment at the end of January 2018. For those 400 pensioners impacted, a letter informing them of the change will be included with their December 2017 pension cheque schedule to be mailed early next week. A copy of this communication is attached for your information. As we may receive phone calls from pensioners / survivors that will notice this change, I trust the above gives you all the required information needed to pass along to pensioners and survivors. Note, as always, you may also refer them to the CN Pension help-line at 1-800-361-0739 as indicated in the letter.

For further explanations questions etc. feel free to email or call me.
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