CN Pensioners Associations, Inc.

Floods Appeal

Many of you have tuned your television to news stations to observe and sympathize with nearly 10,000 people whose home has been flooded and are suffering from one of the worst floods experienced in Quebec. Currently there are 113 municipalities in Quebec that unfortunately are affected.

For all of us, who fortunately are not personally involved, we must be in solidarity with these people who are experiencing the emotional shock and most of them will also suffer a serious economic loss. I strongly encourage you to stand in solidarity with these victims by making a donation for Quebec disaster victims through the CN Employees and Pensioners Community Fund. All donations of $ 20.00 and more will receive a tax receipt.

In Québec, it is to a certain extent an apocalyptic situation to the point that CN has made a donation of $75,000 to the Canadian Red Cross to assist these people in serious need. You too, can help out by making a donation to the CN Employees and Pensioners Community Fund. Just visit their website at You can also could direct a donation to assist disaster victims in New Brunswick and Ontario.

Thank you in advance for your generous contributions which will be greatly appreciated and helpful to people in need.

Yves Bourdon
President National Council